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An Organic Approach to Business Strategy

Do you have a desire to grow your business, improve profitability through efficiency, and strengthen your geographical presence?  Are you an up-and-coming business and/or considered a leader in your industry? A partnership with Amikai Strategies may not only help you achieve your business goals faster, but could also help strengthen your core marketing message and differentiate your business from your competitors.

Amikai Strategies utilizes a hybrid approach of linear-process and organic thought to generate client solutions.  A major advantage of this approach allows for flexible execution of the project framework.  It allows for a deeper level of collaboration with the client and results of this applied methodology have resulted in:

  • Increased proposal win % by learning to tailor proposals to the customer
  • Improved organizational cost-containment (cost savings redistributed to baseline budget)
  • Multi-party relationship management
  • Cross-functional collaboration and open communication

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